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What do you know about portable solar panels?

A Portable solar panel is like a typical solar panel in small size which can be carried anywhere!

A solar panel is a collection of photovoltaic cells that can convert sunlight into electricity. Solar panels are usually large and heavy and need to be permanently installed; But today, a new generation of solar panels have entered the market, which can be used in a mobile way and with a mobile capacity. These functional panels are called portable solar panels.

How does a portable solar panel work?

If you have ever looked at the surface of a solar panel; You probably noticed that these panels are divided into smaller cells. Each photovoltaic cell is made of two thin layers of silicon.

When sunlight hits the panel; Sunlight photons create an electric field between these two silicon layers. Then this electric field is directed through thin metal strips called Busbar and stored in a battery; Finally, this electricity is either used to power a device, or depending on how the system is designed, it is sent to the local power grid.

Portable solar panels are usually smaller than panels designed for residential or commercial use. These panels may have additional features such as a folding design, a jack stand, or a carrying case.

How much electricity can be produced from a portable solar panel?
The amount of electricity that a solar panel produces depends on the following three factors:

Panel functionality

Solar panel size

Amount of sun exposure

When shopping for solar panels, you will come across panels that produce between 210 and 320 watts of electricity. This amount of electricity is exactly what a panel can produce under standard test conditions (STC).

In addition, you should pay attention to the fact that a solar panel is exposed to sunlight (renewable energy) for several hours. The location of the shadow and even the presence of a few clouds in the sky affect the amount of energy produced by a panel.

Portable solar panels are very useful during recreational trips; Because you use less electrical appliances during your trip. Things that can be powered by a portable solar panel; as follows:

A small 45W portable solar panel can charge your cell phone battery or electrical device.

You can power several LED lamps and a small refrigerator with a portable 120 watt solar panel.

If you travel with a van; You can power its equipment with a portable 160 watt solar panel.

If you want to continue powering some of your home’s electrical appliances with a solar generator if the connection to the power grid is interrupted; You need a 320 watt panel, a battery and an inverter.

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Different components of a portable solar system

A solar panel takes renewable energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. But to set up a portable and functional solar panel system, you also need a few additional components.


You should buy a reliable battery; Because it is constantly discharging and charging while working as part of a solar generator. The battery (or batteries) must be efficient enough to store energy when not in use and without being discharged.

A 12-volt battery is usually a good companion for most portable solar panels. But if you plan to use several panels in series; You may need multiple batteries or a higher voltage solar battery.

Solar inverter
A battery stores electrical current in the form of DC. In order to be able to use electricity to power your electrical appliances; You have to convert this electricity to AC electricity by inverter. If you use a 12 volt battery; The solar inverter also adjusts the current voltage to provide the energy needed to power 120 volt appliances.

Picnic supplies
If you want to use portable solar panels as a generator to power several small devices; You should also think about buying picnic supplies. You can find small refrigerators, stoves, slow cookers, fans, and lamps that run on 12 V DC. This means you can power all these small devices with batteries and you don’t need to buy an inverter.

Last word
A portable solar panel can make your picnic and next trip more comfortable or help you reduce the energy consumption of your home. By using a portable solar panel, you can keep several of your electrical devices on and your phone regardless of where you are, whether it is connected to the power grid or not. There is no doubt about the use and advantages of using these solar panels, but it is better to spend time comparing different solar panels so that you can buy the best panel according to your needs with the best possible price. If you need more information on this topic, Palmore solar experts are ready to help you.

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