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Modern warehousing

The role of the warehouse in different places
To better understand the role of warehousing and modern warehousing, consider this example. Imagine a food company; The company’s input includes raw materials and its output includes ready-to-consume products for sale in the market, and in the meantime, the company performs the operation of converting raw materials into the final product. In this case, trucks must bring raw materials into the factory environment at any time, as well as other trucks to deliver the final products to customers. If the incoming or outgoing trucks do not work for a moment, the whole production and supply process will be in trouble.

Therefore, in order to solve the problem of the company’s dependence on the current activity of trucks, the amount of raw materials consumed should be estimated in the next few days, and then by importing and storing this amount of raw materials in the company together, the company should receive these materials within a few days. Needless. So to store this amount of raw materials within the company, a space independent of the production environment is needed, which is called storage space.

Today, in most manufacturing and export companies, the warehouse plays the role of the heart, so that almost all parts and collections of the company are either fed from the warehouse or need a warehouse to store their output.

To better understand the issue of modern warehousing, it is better to pay a little more attention to the issue of warehousing. As mentioned, Tappeh Heart Warehouse is a production or export complex and must meet the needs of the relevant departments on a regular and accurate basis. Therefore, the occurrence of a problem in the activity of the warehouse is equal to the occurrence of a problem in the activity of most parts of a company, and this issue will cause a split in the activity of the company and ultimately reduce its profit. Therefore, in order to prevent problems in the warehouse, it must be properly managed.

Note that when we say warehouse, we do not mean sand warehouse, where on the one hand, trucks bring sand into the warehouse, and on the other hand, trucks load the sand and take it to different areas. Today, in Anbar, there is a great variety of goods that are divided into many groups based on different categories. Aside from the variety of raw materials, there are fewer companies that produce just one product; Therefore, several types of ready-to-use products are stored for storage to be marketed at the appropriate time.

The tools used to maintain the equipment in the company are also stored in the warehouse. Even amenities in addition to staff needs such as desks, chairs and work clothes are left in storage for storage. Obviously, old storage methods can not be used to store and manage these goods and products in the warehouse, because traditional and old storage methods and principles do not have enough power to manage goods with a wide variety of goods. Hence, with the advancement of science and technology in the field of warehousing researchers; They have developed newer and more accurate warehousing methods and principles for managing the storage, entry and exit of goods, which is called modern warehousing.

Everything About Warehouse Racking System

Everything About Warehouse Racking System

Modern warehousing methods
In modern warehousing science, attempts are made to invent and implement rules and tips to perform the operations of entering, storing and leaving goods in the warehouse as well as possible. Using modern warehousing methods, solutions can be found for even the most minor problems in the warehouse. Using these principles and methods of warehousing, you can make the most of the space and area of the warehouse, and also greatly increase the quality, accuracy and speed in storage, movement and processing of goods.

Among the points that are addressed in the principles and methods of modern warehousing are the following:

Specify the amount and type of goods in stock that is done using different criteria and categories.

Identify suitable places for storing goods in the warehouse. This is done by considering the performance, volume, weight, appearance and other characteristics of the product.

Define and describe the duties of the warehouse manager and warehouse staff.

Determining laws and regulations to create security in the warehouse environment.

Today, many large and small warehouses use warehousing software to better manage goods. Using various criteria and categories, these softwares are able to record and analyze the most detailed issues in the warehouse and submit simple and smooth reports to the relevant manager.

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