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What are the challenges of warehouse management system?

Various challenges of warehouse management system make warehouse management a difficult and complicated task for warehouse managers. The basic processes of solving warehouse management problems are complex and dynamic and pose great problems for warehouse managers in industries.

Therefore, plan for the challenges and problems of warehousing so that preparation and how to deal with warehousing errors will lead to the growth and survival of your organization.

In the next few years, due to new technologies and methods regarding the optimization of warehouse space and goods circulation, we can expect a significant transformation in the warehousing industry. A warehouseman today faces many challenges, including the demand for high-speed communication devices.

In the rest of this article, we will explain about five warehouse management problems.

What is warehousing?

Warehousing is the storage of goods in one place. Stocked goods are purchased from a manufacturer and later distributed or sold. Where and how to store goods depends on your business.

If your company is big, your warehousing will also be done in a wider space, and if you have a small business, it may be possible to store products in a room, basement, or even a garage, and you don’t need access to transportation.

But we must not forget that warehousing is an important part of your company’s supply chain. Warehousing affects everything from efficient inventory management to taking orders and delivering them to customers on time.

What is warehouse management?
Warehousing management system is a set of processes that allows organizations to control the warehouse from the time goods or other items enter the warehouse until the time the goods are transferred.

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Five challenges of warehouse management system

Warehouse management is of particular importance due to the special sensitivity of the warehouse in any company or organization and is always accompanied by problems. some of the most important challenges of warehouse management system are:

1. Arrangement and design of warehouse space
Warehouse layout is very important in simplifying warehouse processes. Therefore, the biggest challenge of the warehouse management system is to use space as the most efficient method in the success of warehouse management.

Failure to optimize storage systems, pallets, inappropriate and wasted space, and inefficient use of storage space are common problems in warehouses where space design is poor.

2. Inventory location tracking
Many companies store a large number of goods in the warehouse at specific times to promote their business. Imagine a new product entered the warehouse and after a while you don’t know where it is located in the warehouse or even in which aisle or shelf the product is stored.

These problems indicate that your warehouse management system is at risk and is facing a serious challenge. Failure to monitor inventory in the warehouse management system can lead to countless inefficiencies inside the warehouse. These inefficiencies also slow down storage operations and increase costs.

Not knowing the location of the inventory causes spending more time to find the goods in the warehouse, and as a result slows down the loading process and delays the transportation of the goods. On the other hand, you may still manage your warehouses in the traditional way using paper and pen. In this case, you will face the challenge of warehouse management.

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3. Accuracy in warehouse inventory

Having extra goods or their lack may become a problem in the management of the warehouse system, and as one of the warehouse problems, it becomes storage costs or lost sales. Too much inventory leads to poor cash flow, problems with warehouse space, higher inventory costs to procure additional materials, and poor customer service.

Lack of inventory and inaccuracy in inventory levels is a serious problem, as it can lead to non-fulfillment or delays in orders.

4. Quality control
In many cases, workers who are responsible for product quality control are also responsible for picking, packing and transporting the goods. Unfortunately, this process of doing the work causes the amount and type of errors to never be found, which is another warehousing error.

5. Fluctuations in demand
Fluctuations in demand create serious challenges for warehouse managers and especially for manufacturers. Although these fluctuations do not affect all industries in the same way, the issue of demand fluctuations highlights the challenges of warehouse management system due to factors beyond the control of the warehouse.

Note: Internal and external factors such as season, weather and economy play a role in demand fluctuations.

For example, a global financial crisis leads to consumer anxiety, so more products remain in stock. On the other hand, warehouses should always use timely and accurate information to forecast demand in order to get the best results in planning and supplying the supply chain.

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