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Characteristics of proper warehouse flooring

When it comes to choices for warehouse flooring options, there are several factors to take into consideration, such as choosing an experienced contractor and considering how to minimize downtime, stay within your budget, and create a surface that’s long-lasting. In addition, each facility has its own set of specifications dependent on how it is to be used. Despite some differences, nearly all commercial space requires flooring that is able to withstand high traffic and highly changing temperatures,furthermore low maintenance and low costs without sacrificing qualities is preferable.

Warehouse flooring means layers of different materials such as concrete, PVC, etc., which make the conditions for storage and arrangement of goods in the warehouse easier. The covering or flooring used for the warehouse environment will not only have a great impact on making the environment more beautiful, but will also have a direct relationship with environmental safety and maintaining health. Palmore, the manufacturer of warehouse shelving will further point out the reason why warehouse flooring is important and important features when selecting warehouse flooring.

Why is warehouse flooring important?
The warehouses used for arranging and storing factories and shops, etc., need to have a standard, based on the type of goods placed in them. One of the most important standards and important things in setting up a warehouse is paying attention to the flooring to be ready for installing shelves and arranging goods. But the question is why is proper floor covering important for the warehouse and what are the benefits of choosing the right flooring? some of the most important reasons for the importance of suitable warehouse flooring are:

Choosing the right flooring for the warehouse provides the infrastructure to properly install the shelves on smooth surfaces without protrusions or indentations.

Selecting and installing the right flooring allows machines to move goods easily and without sudden shocks and falls.

Washing and cleaning the warehouse surface is especially important for environments that store food, medicine, detergents and hygiene products. By choosing the right floor covering, the washing and cleaning process can be done easily.

Excessive friction on unsuitable and non-standard flooring may result in fire. For this reason, according to warehouse shelving standards, it is necessary to use floors in these environments that are non-flammable and do not cause friction.

Features of suitable warehouse floor covering
According to the standards and conditions in warehouses, it is necessary to choose flooring for these environments that have several important features like:

Easy to wash and quick drying surface

High resistance to disinfectants, corrosives and acids

High resistance to rising or falling temperature

High strength against impacts and scratches

beauty and proper appearance

proper to paint for marking and numbering the warehouse

Provide suitable conditions for walking and not slipping on them

The best warehouse flooring type
According to the features mentioned above and the flooring that is applicable in industrial environments, the most suitable flooring for warehouses include the following:

Concrete cover for warehouse flooring
One of the main and most practical coatings for the floor of the warehouse is concrete, the most important feature of which is high resistance to scratch, moisture and humidity. The use of this type of coating for the surface of the warehouse provides conditions for easy painting of the warehouse floor and numbering and segmentation in the best way. In addition, concrete surfaces are very easy to wash and their contact with detergents does not lead to damage.

Warehouse epoxy coating
The use of resin in the flooring industry is very important and is one of the most widely used options for industrial environments such as warehouses. In addition to high color diversity and aesthetics, these floors have a great variety and anti-dust or anti-dust and anti-acid samples are the best and most suitable choices for warehouses that contain acidic and corrosive materials. It should also be noted that epoxy is easily painted on the floor of the warehouse and will provide ideal conditions for establishing the correct order and arrangement of shelves.

It should also be noted that conductive epoxies, due to their low electrical resistance, will be one of the suitable choices for the floor of electronic devices and equipment that are sensitive to electric shock. Traffic on these surfaces will generate little static electricity and will prevent equipment breakdown and damage.

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Ceramic and stone flooring
The use of stone and ceramics in industrial environments and factories as well as sheds has many applications. This type of coating is suitable for the floor of the warehouse because it has high resistance and strength against impact and contact with corrosive materials will not affect them. In addition, it is easy to wash and remove oil stains and the like on ceramic and stone surfaces.

Polyurethane flooring
Polyurethane is one of the suitable floor coverings for cold storage as well as environments where the temperature is more or less than normal. To apply this type of coating on the floor of the warehouse, several layers of polyurethane paints are used, and for this reason, it has a very high resistance to light and temperature, and no scratches are created on the surface due to impact. In addition, these surfaces are easy to wash and clean.

suitable floor covering for food storage
As mentioned, the use of concrete for the floor of the warehouse is a good option due to its high strength. By combining fine mineral stones on concrete surfaces, a special type of flooring is obtained. this type of warehouse flooring In industrial environments and warehouses of factories with high traffic and movement of various machines such as forklifts, provides good strength.

Finally, it can be said that according to the conditions in the warehouse and the type of goods placed in them, it can be determined which warehouse flooring type is suitable for you.

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